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The Basics of Probate

THE BASICS OF PROBATE Probate is the general term used for the court action that may be initiated after a person passes away. There are two types of distribution that we use when initiating a proceeding, “intestate” and “testate”. Testate means that the deceased has used some type of document, usually a will, to detail Read More

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Am I all set if I have a Power of Attorney?

You have a Power of Attorney – you’re covered!  Or are you? We often have clients tell us that they have all of their paperwork in order, then proceed to pull out a one-page Power of Attorney and a one-page Will. I will be the first to say that the length of a document does Read More

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Welcome to the official blog of the Burnett Casey Griffin, PLLC. We will begin posting on this blog shortly, so please check back regularly for updates about the firm, notable cases and more.

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